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Get Assessed.

Get back to life,

safely & informed.


Sophisticated, customized and people-centered safety, health and wellness solutions ensure the safety of your environment, integrate physical and mental health for your people, and promote wellness across your team.

Best Practices

The Viral Concierge Strategy

Get Assessed

We assess the health of your population through a suite of testing and screening  solutions. Then we set up a strategy that makes sense for your business to re-open safely and seamlessly.

Get Back to Life

We help facilities and businesses get back to their daily routine by establishing safe processes and procedures that follow the parameters set by current Federal, State, Local and Industry guidelines. We are your partner in pro-active planning and implementation.

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Stay Safe & Informed

We provide a systems by which employers can easily implement precautionary measures through contact tracing dashboards and accessories, testing calendars and up to date compliance information, so that navigating the pandemic is less daunting.

The Viral Concierge Strategy

What We Know

We help you navigate the pandemic so you can get back to work.

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Leading & Preventing

We lead with a

science-first approach.

Our team understands how to prevent harm to your people and your business.

Leadership in

times of crisis is essential.

With the right plan to align your operations and communications, you can reassure people, both inside and outside your business, that you are providing a healthy, safe, and clean environment and responding in real time to any issues that may arise.


We are here to help develop an executable plan to establish safety and compliance and help those you serve feel informed and more at ease.

Expectations & Needs

Employer, employee and customer expectations have shifted dramatically.

As the world has changed, so too have the expectations and needs of those you serve. Your employees rightly expect and deserve a safe and healthy workplace, and all those involved in your business expect clear, reassuring, and regular communication.


Businesses have an obligation to keep their people safe.

We believe that any business can and should meet the needs of the people it employs. All office settings should, of course, be legally compliant, with operations properly organized to meet the needs of those who work with and for them. We do that, and more.

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Risk vs. Crisis

Removing fear by empowering action leads to great change. We will work side-by-side with you – appropriately socially distanced of course – to ensure that fear does not paralyze your response to the changes we are all experiencing. Instead, we will help you apply a prescriptive approach to challenges encountered and empower you to achieve the change you seek.


We are here to help you prevent risks in a pro-active manner. We often say that a well executed plan is the difference between risk management and crisis management. We are here to help you manage both.

Build your custom program to re-open safely

Safety Plan

How to Safely Go Back

In order to understand your population health and establish a baseline, it is important to know who is infected with the virus before they enter your safe workspace. Here's what we provide:

Access to Testing/Screening

  • Convenient & safe onsite FDA (EUA) approved PCR (nasal, saliva and oral) Antigen and Serology Covid-19 testing/screening solutions from one individual to 10,000+ employees, seven days a week.

  • Trained, empathetic testing professionals adhering to all social distancing requirements and safety protocols (assisted self-collection also available).

Coronavirus Test_kit.png

Nationwide Network of Labs

  • Nationwide network of CAP and/or CLIA-certified FDA (EUA) labs to expedite test processing and provide accurate results within 24-36 hours (from the time the lab receives the samples).

Contact Tracing

  • Contact tracing app comprised of CDC and state-compliant questions which provides administrators a clear view of their population and allows for proactive planning and management of active cases and with the ability to add proximity software.

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Wear Face Mask.png

PPE & Decontamination Products

  • Access to national & international supply chain of PPE, decontamination products, and sanitation solutions (clinical grade where necessary and appropriate).

Customized Plans & Collateral

  • Risk Management and Crisis Management plans surrounding the ever-changing pandemic landscape.

  • Collateral to help ease fear and make sense of the misinformation surrounding the pandemic.

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How to safely go back
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