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about us

We know we can’t eliminate viruses, but we can slow the spread through our services.


Viral Concierge provides comprehensive, sustainable, and customizable on-site testing surrounding Covid-19 and provides services geared toward mitigation of cross-contamination to aid in the prevention of illness. The strategy includes a clinical-grade supply chain of testing, PPE, and innovative solutions to help implement cleaning and disinfecting.

Viral Concierge has created an all-encompassing, compliant solution, that caters to anyone wanting to get back to daily life, while safely navigating the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you are getting back to work, school, sports, events, gatherings, travel, or vacations, our consultants will work closely with you to create the most comprehensive plan, from testing to strategies for re-opening to mitigating cross-contamination. We work within the parameters of your culture and messaging goals to create a safe, customizable, and branded plan that will aid your COVID-19 task force to see real-time information, deploy messaging, do contact tracing and follow local and national trends.

Beyond COVID-19, we know there are many viruses that can harm our people, our communities and our business. Our approach addresses viruses of all kinds, our goal is to create long-lasting relationships.

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