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COVID 19 Updates 

BA 5 and BA4 are variants that are penetrating the lungs first causing higher cases of pneumonia, difficulty breathing, increased cough, bronchitis, increased fatigue, lethargy, headache, body aches, cold-like symptoms, and flu-like symptoms. These symptoms can present very mild for the first 7 days and increase in severity for an additional 7-14 days or can be reverse.  


BA 2.12.1 is the variant that is presenting as allergy symptoms for approximately 3-5 days before converting to more aggressive upper respiratory symptoms to include headache, severe nasal congestion, ear pain or pressure, sore or scratchy throat, cough, chest congestion and head pressure.  


BA 2 is the variant that is presenting as sore throat, allergy symptoms, headache, severe nasal congestion, fatigue and muscle cramping for approximately 3-7 days before converting to more aggressive upper respiratory symptoms. Some patients are experiencing “food poisoning” like symptoms with this variant as well.  


We are also finding approximately 29.6% of the population are infected with two variants at the same time and could experience more severe symptoms than the milder symptoms that just present with 1 variant.


New information has come out since our meeting that unfortunately, the vaccines that we have received thus far will not protect us or decrease the severity of symptoms with BA 4 and BA 5 so please keep this in mind as they both become active in the US.


Please also keep in mind that second-generation vaccines are still undergoing clinical trials and have not reached the sufficient timeframe or number of suspects to present with concise evidence-based facts for immunity or efficacy against these 2 new variants. It is important to discuss any underlying conditions and risk factors associated with becoming vaccinated with second generation vaccines at this time. It is also important to be aware of the fact that first generation vaccines were 15% less effective against Omicron than Delta which supports that multiple booster vaccines will not increase the efficacy again the newest Omicron variants such as BA 4 and BA 5.  

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